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Large wastewater purification plants, Prefabricated waste water depuration plants, Rain water treatment plants and equipment, Primary water treatment plants, drinking water and desalination plants, Vacuum Sewage System, Machine for ecology, water treatment plant construction, engineering services, mobile units, international cooperation, oil & gas division, mobile installations and facilities management management

Welcome to EuroMec.net
EURO MEC s.r.l. operates throughout Italy and abroad in the design and construction of a wide range of water treatment plants.

The technical design team, the heart of EURO MEC, boast years of experience in the field of Environmental Engineering and specializes in designing and managing projects for the realization of water treatment plants, equipment and technology for the purification of industrial and civil waste water including water recovery and reuse, and for desalination and drinking water treatment.


Aquae Italiana
Aquae Italiana
Aquae Italiana is the brand that represents Italy in the environmental sector, a group of synergistic companies that have formed one body to offer its Russian partners, both public and private, innovative solutions and economic outlook, favourable quality and advanced technology to achieve its objectives.
Water House
Water House
This service allows citizens to draw safe, clean and healthy drinking water. The system delivers water taken from the municipal aqueduct where it undergoes an ulterior filtration and sterilization process. The water is then provided to the client chilled and in carbonated or no- carbonated form… Discover all the advantages.
New MBR  plant for Euro Mec
We are pleased to inform you that few days ago EURO MEC have successfully commissioned one of the largest MBR installation in textile industry for 9.6 MLD.
The installation and commissioning of a mobile water treatment system in the town of Pomabamba, Ancash, Peru, was completed on the 24th of October 2012 with the inauguration of a Euro Mec mobile water treatment plant.
Al Fateh Hospital: Waste Water Plant
Euro Mec supplied and installed a civil waste water treatment plant serving the hospital as well as employee accommodation and facilities.
Drinking Water for Lipari Island
EURO MEC has been contracted for the provision of a sea water desalination plant producing 450 m3/hr of drinking water to satisfy the strong demand on the Island of Lipari, especially in summer months.
Drinking water for Tomboco, Angola
Euro Mec supplied a water treatment plant for the production of drinking water from the brackish water of the Rio Mbridge River to the people of Tomboco in the in the Angolan province of Zaire.
Enlargement of the purification plant of Pattada
This waste water treatment plant is born from the necessity to realize an easy to build plant with low maintenance, and equipment automation including local alarms to reduce supervision and maintenance.
Mozambique: treatment plant for a population equivalent of 85.000
Euro Mec is supplying a waste water treatment plant for a population equivalent (pe) of 85,000 to the city of Beira in Mozambique.
New Textile-biological project in India
The Euro Mec team scored an innovative project for a client who manufactures exclusive wool and cotton products for the most famous European fashion brands.
Port Sudan: desalination of water from the Red Sea
Each plant is designed to produce 150 m3/day of drinking water through desalination of water from the Red Sea and is housed in an air conditioned.
Fields of intervention
Textile industry
The textile process generates a type of wastewater that constitute a big environmental risk especially for its chemical pollution content. Our team is since more than 30 years now specifically working in this field, the same team is the inventor of the treatment based on a completely biological process (totally eco-friendly) applied in textile sector.
Engineering for water purification
Design and construction of civil and industrial wastewater treatment plants.
Oil & Gas division
The market which is primarily aimed EURO MEC SRL is the one of the largest international contractors and large producers of oil & gas.
Mobile water purification units
The mobile water purification units are designed to meet all the needs of drinking water in areas where this is only a source of water such as wells, river, lake.
Customer Service
Customer Service
For any requirement please contact our Customer Service at your service with competence and professionalism
Global Presence
Global presence
Euro Mec is present with own offices in many countries around the world to be quick and efficient in the intervention and resolution of problems in plant management

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