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Mobile plants
EURO MEC S.r.l. works together with government and non government organisations on projects for the supply of drinking water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants, spare parts and consumables and also works to guarantee the correct setting up operation and future maintenance of plants by and supporting local technicians thus contributing to the rehabilitation of water provision infrastructures and allowing populations to independently operate and maintain the supplied water treatment plants.

EURO MEC S.r.l. is proud to be working with important clients for the supply of modular waste water treatment plants specially designed to meet the needs of field camps, workers camps and emergency relief agencies.

EURO MEC S.r.l. is continuing to supply equipment to Iraq, Sudan and Darfur, Chad, Haiti, East Timor, Mexico, Cabo Verde, Cuba, the Ukraine and China.

Design and construction of modular drinking water production and wastewater treatment plants which are ideal for their mobility, ease of transport and use in military operations. The systems are containerised and are able to be air-freighted.

The EURO MEC MFS water treatment camp installations for military compounds are designed to satisfy all drinking water production needs from freshwater and brackish water sources by means of a BW 1000 installation with NATO code: NUC 4610-15-202- 5363, as well as from highly brackish water or sea water by means of a SW 1000 installation with NATO code: NUC 4610- 15-202-5364, and for waste water treatment and reuse by means of a WW 1000 installation with NATO code: NUC 4610-15- 202-5365.

The systems are built in ISO 1C containers which render them mobile and easily transportable by APS or ordinary trucks with twist-lock hooks.
Each mobile camp installation will be complete with a Spare Parts storage container (NATO code: NUC 4610-15-202-5366) in order to ensure the availability of spare parts and consumables and guarantee perfect efficiency and reliability for short to medium periods.

Compact versions
In accordance with specific project requests, we are also able to offer more compact versions built into smaller shelters mounted onto trailers.
These systems are designed for ease of transport and are fully self sufficient Thanks to their electrical generator.
All the systems are also equipped with storage tanks for purified water and bagging system on request.

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