Large industrial plants


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Large industrial plants, industrial waste water, purification

Large industrial plants
Planning and realization of primary water and industrial wastewater treatment plants.
Purified water recycling systems. Special works and environmental recovery.

Thanks to EURO MEC’s extensive experience, the company is able to design, plan and realize industrial water treatment plants both primary and production wastewater treatment plants, with particular regard to the systems that allow for the recycling of purified water in order to optimise operations and reduce costs and, in general, to diminish environmental impact.

Other noteworthy experience has been acquired in the field of agricultural wastewater treatment with the development of “closed circuit systems”.

The principle processes adopted use the latest technology with the highest standards of automation:
  • Chemical-physical treatment and dissolved air floatation system
  • Self-cleaning rapid pressure filtration and gravity filtration processes
  • Ion treatment and exchange
  • Reverse osmosis plants and ultrafiltration plants
  • Traditional biological oxidation plants
  • SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactors) biological oxidation plants
  • MBR (Membrane Bio Reactors) biological oxidation plants
  • MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors) biological oxidation plants
Through the work of a team of experts in hydraulic construction and water purification, EURO MEC has completed important environmental projects:


Oil and Gas

  • Abattoir wastewater treatment plant
  • Dairy wastewater treatment plant
  • Winery wastewater treatment plant
  • Closed circuit plant for foundry and rolling mill
  • Petroleum refinery wastewater treatment plant
  • Textile and print works wastewater treatment plant
  • Tannery wastewater treatment plant
  • Public wastewater treatment plants
  • Tourist villages
  • Shopping centres
Special Works:
  • Plant restructuring and automation
  • Hydraulic distribution networks
  • Turnkey plants
Environmental Recovery:
  • Reoxygenization of eutrophic waters
  • Installation of piezometric wells and monitoring of ground water
  • Environmental rehabilitation and sanitation

The technology of Carousel tanks applied to the textile industry
The final advantage of biological reactor for the textile industry is to reduce the operational costs and to improve the efficiency of water treatment.
Ecoblood - ecological treatment of blood from slaughterhouses
Euro Mec is proud to have been granted European Commission funding for the development of the innovative ECOBLOOD Project for the Ecological Treatment of Blood in Slaughterhouses.
Marcegaglia, industrial waste water treatment plant
Euro Mec was contracted to design and build an industrial waste water treatment plant for the manufacturing plant at Marcegaglia Spa headquarter in Mantova.
New MBR  plant for Euro Mec
We are pleased to inform you that few days ago EURO MEC have successfully commissioned one of the largest MBR installation in textile industry for 9.6 MLD.
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