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Business Partnership
Italian entrepreneurial culture leads companies to give much importance to the interpersonal relationships based on contacts characterized by mutual faith, and Euro Mec is no exception to this rule. Its National and international commercial development is based on strengthened relations with reliable partners.   

When in 2004 Euro Mec decided to enlarge on an International level, started to search partners who had a strong experience on international scale. With a forward-looking research and a strong network of relationships, the company picked out quickly the right channels to export that led to different paths: both through private projects and public tenders Euro Mec started to work on an International level, obtaining a strong experience and weaving a network of contacts that constitute the foundation on which the company rest in its continuous growth. 

Euro Mec believes that is fundamental to pursue the strategy of the “strength of numbers” and tries to operate on International markets through strategic partnerships with other Italian companies, creating simultaneous die factory.  

For example, in October 2010 Euro Mec was invited by the Water Russian Federation to participate to 2010 PURE WATER FORUM, that took place in Moscow, but, instead of participate alone, was the leader of a group of thirteen Italian companies, which activity orbits in the water sector, joined under the name of Aquae Italiana.

Aquae Italiana introduced itself to Russian interlocutors, private and public, as Italian brand in the environmental sector offering new solutions and perspectives profitable on economic and quality levels and technologically advanced in the design, engineering, production and supply of equipment, development of user-friendly technologies, management of concessions for construction and supervision of works.

Water Alliance Water Alliance
WATER ALLIANCE is an Italian consortium established by TREVI, SGI Studio Galli Ingegneria and EURO MEC, that has the entire range of expertise, professionalism and experience required to realize projects in water sector on large scale.
Gruppo TREVI Gruppo TREVI
Gruppo TREVI is among the most important world leaders in the sector of realization of foundations, geotechnical and construction design of advanced system both on the ground and in the field of water, oil and gaseous drilling.
SGI S.p.A. SGI S.p.A.
SGI S.p.A. iso ne of the most important Italian companies in the specialized consultancy in the water, environmental, energetic, urban and civil engineering and infrastructural.
Sobek Sobek
Integrated systems for water and energy

SOBEK Lda is Euro Mec’s licensed dealer and service partner, established in 2009 to service the many Euro Mec water treatment plants in Cape Verde.
Energy Water Construction

EWC is an Italian consortium of dynamic companies that operates in the sectors of Energy, water treatment plants and general construction.
Ecoblood Ecoblood
Project for the ecologic treatment of blood in slaughterhouses

The ECOBLOOD Project for the ecological treatment of blood in slaughterhouses has the aim of reducing the negative environmental impact of ABP treatment and disposal, created during the processing. This also represents significant costs for slaughterhouse operators.
Burhj al Sahara is a company formed in Libya between Politec ltd and ADDAKIKA. Poltitec ltd is a partnership between the Italian companies Euro Mec and GE.CO.Sud.
Coseam Italia S.p.a. Coseam Italia S.p.a.
Since 1988, Coseam Italia SpA is a Stable Consortium that properly represents the world of Pmi operating in the construction sector.
Grundfos Grundfos
With an annual production that overcomes the 16 millions of pumps, Grundfos is one of the unquestioned leaders in this sector.
Atzwanger Atzwanger
Custom-made plant technologies in the sectors: environment, Energy, water and construction.

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