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UN Global Compact, corporate social responsibility, environmental respect, water treatment and purification plants

Un Global Compact 
UN Global Compact

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Un Global Compact
The UN Global Compact is a global multi-stakeholder network joining governments, businesses, UN agencies, labor unions and civil society together to for the promotion of responsible business through the support of ten universal principles (see PDF below).

The initiative, proposed for the first time in January 1999, by then UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, was launched in July 2000 and is currently the leading global forum addressing the most critical aspects of globalization.

The UN Global Compact gives companies with a long-term vision oriented towards social responsibility a foundation upon which they can contribute to a new phase of globalization characterized by sustainability, cooperation and partnerships building a healthy and sustainable global economy in which all have the opportunity to share the benefits.

To this end, the Global Compact requires participating companies and organizations to support, apply and promote ten fundamental principles relating to human rights, labor standards, protection of the 'environment and anti-corruption to their business operations and, more widely within their spheres of influence.

Adopting the Global Compact’s principles also means compliance with the broader objectives set by the United Nations, including the Millennium Development Goals and the following universal conventions:
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  • International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work;
  • Rio Declaration on Environment and Development;
  • United Nations Convention against Corruption.
Euro Mec’s commitment to the UN Global Compact is manifested through quality management, labor standards, development of technologies with low environmental impact and the transmission of ethical standards throughout the company and towards all stakeholders.

Euro Mec is also an active participant in the UN Global Compact Network in Italy, attending and hosting meetings through which the initiative may become more widely known and thus receive more signatories supporting responsible business.

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