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Design and construction of water treatment and water purification plants.

EURO MEC s.r.l. operates throughout the country and abroad in the design and construction of plants for water treatment.

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Euro Mec has been operating since 1999 in national and international level in the design, implementation and management of plant, equipment and technologies for water treatment.

Euro Mec is certified for the design, construction and operation of wastewater treatment plants.

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The UN Global Compact is a multi-stakeholder network that joins governments, businesses, UN agencies, trade unions and civil society to promote the culture of global citizenship 's business.

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Information on water treatment facilities and estimates for water treatment plants.

all the catalogs of equipment for water treatment, services and products Euro Mec.

Water purification engineering
Large wastewater purification plants
Design and construction of residential and industrial wastewater treatment of medium and large sizes with innovative processes and technologies to achieve environmental regulatory standards.
Prefabricated waste water depuration plants
Designing and managing contracts for the construction of facilities, equipment and technologies for the purification of industrial waste and civilian, as well as water treatment plants.
Rain water treatment plants and equipment
Prefabricated treatment plants or stormwater first flush are used in the service generally sealed areas of industrial yards, intermodal areas, ports and airports, roads, highways and freeways.
Primary water treatment plants, drinking water and desalination plants
Design and construction of plants for drinking water production and water desalination technology for industrial and sea water and brackish water.
Vacuum Sewage System
Design and construction of sewer systems in depression (also called vacuum) for the transport of domestic sewage and industrial alternative to traditional systems.
Machine for ecology
Euro Mec developed through thirty years' experience, working in the field of water treatment, have developed specific expertise in the design and construction of equipment, mainly used in the service of wastewater treatment plants and industrial plants.

Large Industrial plants
Design and construction of primary water treatment and waste water from industrial processes.
Systems for reuse of treated water.

Mobile drinking water units
The mobile water purification units are designed to meet all requirements for production of drinking water in areas in which there is only one source of water such as wells, river, lake.

International Cooperation
EURO MEC Srl works with governmental and non-governmental organizations on projects involving the provision of sewage treatment plants.

Oil & Gas division
Water purification systems, filtration and treatment process fluids for the petroleum industry, chemical, petrochemical, gas processing, power generation and industry in general.

Textile industry
Project Management for the construction of plants for treatment and recovery wastewater from the textile industry.
Textile industry characteristics
Applied technologies in textile industry
Textile industry treatment phases

Plant Management
Managing treatment plants and water treatment.

Construction projects and management of plants for water treatment, sewage, water and sanitation.
Water treatment projects in Italy
International water treatment projects

Business partnership

Codes of practice
Regulations concerning the design, construction and operation of treatment plants and sewage treatment.

Tradeshows & Events
Exhibitions and events on the world of water treatment: filtration, water purification.

News on water treatment plants, water treatment and management standards for waste water treatment plants and industrial plants.
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Euro Mec which specializes in the design and construction of plants for water treatment, is on YouTube with the channel EuromecTV.

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